My New Book is Here—I Will See You in Far Off Places

From the back cover:

Áine and her wife Nora, self-described introverted bookworms, were happily ensconced in their small-town-with-cat life when everything changed. Faced with the death of Nora’s beloved mother and new twists and turns in Áine’s unfolding spiritual path, they both wanted more from life. More what? More of their beloved Morrissey. Two (quietly) raving fans with some U.S. shows under their belts hit upon a life-changing idea: follow Morrissey for his South American tour. These non-Spanish-speaking, comfort-seeking, fortysomething non-adventurers joined throngs of screaming twentysomethings in opening up to the mysterious, enthralling embrace of The Real and Proper Poet Laureate. Braving floods and medical emergencies (including one late-night trip to a jungle ER), searching for monkeys, living for days on the sidewalks of far flung cities, Áine and Nora find their place among the motley family that is Morrissey and his fans, woven together through music. In this passionate memoir packed with gorgeous photos, Áine brings to life a journey of two unlikely travelers who find their way to the most beautiful destination of them all: the one big heart.

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