Áine and her wife Nora, self-described introverted bookworms, were happily ensconced in their small-town-with-cat life when everything changed. Faced with the death of Nora’s beloved mother and new twists and turns in Áine’s unfolding spiritual path, they both wanted more from life. More what? More of their beloved Morrissey.

Two (quietly) raving fans with some U.S. shows under their belts hit upon a life-changing idea: follow Morrissey for his South American tour. These non-Spanish-speaking, comfort-seeking, fortysomething non-adventurers joined throngs of screaming twentysomethings in opening up to the mysterious, enthralling embrace of The Real and Proper Poet Laureate.

Braving floods and medical emergencies (including one late-night trip to a jungle ER), searching for monkeys, living for days on the sidewalks of far flung cities, Áine and Nora find their place among the motley family that is Morrissey and his fans, woven together through music. In this passionate memoir packed with gorgeous photos, Áine brings to life a journey of two unlikely travelers who find their way to the most beautiful destination of them all: the one big heart.

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Is it possible to go on a spiritual journey if you don’t believe in spirit?

Some people try to find God by sitting on a meditation cushion. Others travel all the way to India in search of the Divine. Things shake down a bit differently for Enneagram type Four Áine Ni Cheallaigh. While attempting to give her personality a makeover by singing in a rock’n’roll band, this hardcore ‘a-spiritual’ atheist’s world gets turned inside out when she encounters what can only be described as spiritual phenomena.

Embarking on a reluctant spiritual quest (“It’s not God, it’s a state!”), Áine finds refreshing answers to eternal questions that plague the modern-day seeker. What’s the best kind of spiritual practice? For her, the answer isn’t the obvious sitting-in-a-quiet-room-meditating, it’s playing a drum kit along to ear-splittingly loud rock’n’roll. And when faced with the thorny issue of finding a charismatic teacher who is truly pure enough to deserve her devotion, after grappling with the question for a long time, she surprisingly ends up bestowing her soul’s worship on the Smiths former frontman Morrissey.

Told with great humor and insight, this memoir takes an intelligent, down-to-earth look at what being on a spiritual path really means. What are we actually seeking when we seek? How exactly are we supposed to fit it into our lives when we find it? The author doesn’t have all the answers, but her candid account of this slice of the journey is sure to give great pointers to those who feel that their soul is called to rock out with the Beloved.

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At the age of 30, Aine Ni Cheallaigh began to develop mysterious symptoms. Her health was eroding and she felt that she was aging faster than everyone around her. Suspecting that toxins were to blame, she had her mercury fillings removed. But restoring her health wasn’t going to be that simple. Over the following months, she found herself catapulted into a nightmare of mental and physical illness. Getting the Mercury Out follows this ordinary woman’s quest to solve her health mystery. Can she cure a disease that the medical establishment won’t even admit is real? Can she find a treatment that will restore her to health and sanity?

Sometimes funny, often heart-wrenching, this book is a deeply engaging story of personal struggle and endurance. It’s an eye-opener for those who are curious about mercury poisoning, and an absolute must-read for anyone grappling with the desperate search for healing.

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